Hi, I'm Achraf!

About me


I am a professional software engineer from Casablanca, Morocco. If you managed to get to this website, then consider it as a random casualty, and I apologize in advance for that. In any case, this is my personal-not-so-scret sanctuary, and I welcome you by the same occasion.

I am a technology enthusiast, I like to deal with complex software designs to make them as simple as possible, hence my big interest in design patterns and software architecture. I am also fond of AI and big data, that's why I am currently teaching myself some Scala. I also building random - usefull software packages in different technology stacks.

My goal is simple – making as much contributions as I can to this great community which, I am proud to be part of.

PHP: Symfony/Composer/Doctrine


Software Architecture


Server: Linux/OpenShift/Heroku/Azure


JVM: Java/Scala


Big Data: Mongo/Spark


Recent Posts

2018-06-03 0 Comment
How To Deploy a Symfony Application to Production on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

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2018-05-28 0 Comment
Linux and Symfony Application deployment

It is common practice to deploy enterprise level apps to the cloud, since the hosting industry evolved dramatically in the few recent years. But for small apps, one would only need a standard physical server or in most cases: a VPS. 

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2018-02-21 2 Comment
Beyond development : deploying a Symfony 4 application to Heroku

There are actually two main articles dealing with the subject of deploying a Symfony/Php App on Heroku, but since I found some differences, I have decided to write an article specific to the 4th version of Symfony.

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